Another year, another NaNoWriMo

Another November has come and almost gone, and I have no finished novel to show for it.

What do I have?

Thousands more words than I would’ve written otherwise, that’s what I have.

See, that’s the thing about Nano… not everyone will “win”, but that doesn’t make it a worthless experience. I learned that I can comfortably write between fifteen hundred and twenty-five hundred words a day, which, in the course of a November during which nothing went horribly wrong, would’ve been enough to put me pretty solidly in the ranks of winners.

Unfortunately, sometimes the universe has other ideas, and does things like put my grandmother in the hospital and stress me out and inflict some really nasty insomnia on me so I’m awake for thirty-three entirely unproductive hours at a time.

Yeah, that was a thing that happened.

But unlike times when I’ve tried and failed and given up during the first half of NaNoWriMo, this year I kept writing. Part of it was my decision to finally buy myself some Nano stuff — with the t-shirt and mug featuring retro video game designs, how could I resist? And once I’d spent money on Nano gear, it would sure be embarrassing, not having a novel to show for it. Part of it was me desire to get serious about writing, instead of just living in the happy delusion that I could be a really awesome writer if I ever wrote anything. Still, there was a definite change.

I haven’t always made even the 1667 words for the day I’d have needed to get a novel written if I’d been writing from the start. And there have been plenty of days I didn’t get anything more than a sentence or two written down. But on those days, I was still a sentence or two closer to my goal.

I won’t be done by midnight on November 30, but I won’t be stopping, either.

Even slow progress is still progress.