Public Accountability Time, November 2014

Otherwise known as the list of things I’m working on at the moment.

NaNoWriMo has come once again, so I’m dropping everything else and working on Monstrous Things, my Beauty and the Beast/Tam Lin mashup. So far it’s going well, and I’m slowly catching up on the few days I missed at the beginning of the month due to travel, but I’m not celebrating my victory just yet. Hell, I’m specifically not buying Dragon Age: Inquisition because I know nothing will destroy my productivity faster. My hopeless crushes on Vivienne and Cassandra (and my stubbornly maintained denial re: Cassandra’s heterosexuality) will just have to wait.

As far as things I’ll be working on once this month is over1:

First Draft:
Avalon #1 script (QUILTBAG superheroes in the Deep South.)
To Circumscribe Eternity (Time-traveling secret agents IN SPACE.)

Witchkind (Con artistry, crime, and the persecution of mages in a non-European steampunk setting.)
Thorn (Dark fantasy with a trans heroine and cannibalistic elves, in desperate need of reworking.)
The Twilight Road (A genius programmer, his own personal angel, and the faeries that want him dead.)
Moontime (Teenage werewolves, and awesome women who don’t die. Yes, it’s my spite-novel.)
As-yet-untitled SF story. (Sex, drugs, and artificial intelligence.)
“Wave(form)” (Mermaids and mathematics.)

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  1. All titles may be subject to change. Titles are hard, okay? []
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