Ana María Perea is the pen name1 of a primarily Cuban-American/Anglo writer who’s been making up stories about elves, dragons, superheroes, and the things that come for you in the dark for as long as she2 can remember.

Despite a profound dislike of extreme heat, most of Ana María’s non-writing interests involve applying fire to things and seeing what happens3, and she’s only briefly lived further north than Phoenix, AZ. She’s still not entirely convinced that this “snow” thing people talk about isn’t some form of elaborate hoax4.

She believes that racial, ethnic, and religious diversity is vital to speculative fiction of every flavor, as well as adequate LGBTQIA+/QUILTBAG5 representation, and makes an effort to write a diverse group of heroes. Calling out and constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged, and she is more than happy to do her own damn research upon being informed there’s a problem.

One day, she will live in the SF Bay Area with her partner who’s already there and her cat Reno, who is the world’s most jealous and needy baby. That day is not today.

  1. Why a pen name? Because my Cuban heritage is important to me, and also because my biological father, whose last name is on my birth certificate, and whose first name starts with the same letter as mine, has a writing career of his own in the genres I’m interested in. Best to skip the confusion over just what our relationship is, and take my writing identity from my mother’s side of the family. And for the record, it’s Ana María, not just Ana. []
  2. I actually identify as nonbinary/genderfluid, but when I’m writing as Ana María, it’s coming from a very femme space in my head, where I’m very deliberately making the point that you can have buckets of gore and pink cute things, so I’m okay with my writerly persona being a she. []
  3. Er. Just so we’re clear, this means cooking, jewelry-making, and perhaps one day glass-blowing and blacksmithing, not arson. Arson is bad. []
  4. Or magic. It could be magic. []
  5. Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transsexual, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer… I like this acronym best because it’s easy to remember and fun to say. []

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